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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Is Chinese Food

Have you heard something about "Chinese Food".Yeap,many restaurant also offer it.Maybe,many of u not so understand what is "Chinese Food".This is the description.

  • Chow Mein: Egg noodles fried in a wok. The noodles are then stir fried, usually with vegetables and meat.
  • Chop Suey: The Chinese-American version of a leftover casserole. Usually vegetables and meat in a brown or white sauce, lightly stir fried in a wok.
  • Dim Sum: A variety of small side dishes that are served for a lighter meal.
  • Egg Foo Yung: A Chinese version of an omelet. Made with egg, vegetables and meat, fried and served with a brown sauce.
  • Egg Drop Soup: A chicken broth soup with ribbons of egg cooked in the soup.
  • Fried Rice: Rice mixed with a soy sauce, vegetables, meat and/or eggs. Stir fried in a wok.
  • Fried Wontons: Wonton noodles stuffed with vegetables and/or meat and deep fried.
  • Lo Mein: Stir fried egg noodles with vegetables and meat. The noodles are not fried separately, but are thrown in at the last minute and tossed with the stir fry.
  • Moo Shu Pork: Stir-fried pork, egg and vegetables, such as cabbage, wood ear mushrooms and day lily buds. Usually served with a plum sauce and thin pancake-like wrap.
  • Spring Roll: Thin, crispy, deep fried vegetable rolls. Can also contain meat. The traditional version of an egg roll.
  • Wonton Soup: Beef or chicken broth soup served with meat- or vegetable-stuffed wonton dumplings.

 I also give you the cooking techniques description
  • Cantonese: Cantonese cooking includes a variety of dishes, rich in meat and seafood.
  • Deep Fry: A method of cooking where ingredients are plunged into large amount of boiling oil to cook them quickly and provide a crisp covering.
  • Peking: Peking cooking includes a lighter variety of fancy dishes, using more wheat than rice, and more lamb than seafood.
  • Shanghai: In Shanghai cooking, heavy amounts of rice and fish tend to be seen.
  • Steam: A method of cooking where ingredients are either set in or above boiling water so that the steam cooks them.
  • Stir Fry: A method of cooking where ingredients are stirred around in a very hot pan with a light coating of oil.
  • Szechuan: Szechuan cooking includes highly spiced dishes. Beef and pork are more common here than in other regional cooking.
 In this blog,we will discuss about Chinese Food recipe.So,keep reading

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